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Date: 2018-06-28
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As electronic assembly goes deeper into the hybrid technology of Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board) with higher density, smaller size and more complex, high-end PCB industry is widely adopted in the manufacturing process. AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) equipment is used to detect graph quality. AOI is mainly used to detect defects of PCB in various production processes, such as gaps, protruding copper, short circuit, circuit break, residual copper, pinhole, wire width and wire spacing, etc. AOI is an important means to guarantee the quality of PCB and find problems existing in the pre-process.



Eagle Eye Technology:AOI technical expert

Shenzhen Eagle-eye-online Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd (for short: Eagle Eye Technology) is a proven veteran in AOI technology. Many of Eagle Eye Technology's technical backbones are from national defense university of science and Technology. They have nearly 20 years of research and development experience in AOI field. With the support of technical advantages of key labs of precising image measurement, the team members mastered excellent AOI detection technologies. Its relevant technologies and achievements won the second prize of national technological inventions, the third prize of China innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and the first prize of AVIC industrial cup. Currently, Eagle Eye Technology has set up Academician Expert Workstations in Guangdong and Shenzhen as well as the Intelligent Machine Vision Engineering Technology Center in Guangdong and it has conducted production, education and research cooperation with National University of Defense Technology, Shenzhen University, Jinan University, Sun Yat-Sen University and other first-class universities to further enhance its technical advantages in AOI field.


After entering PCB industry, Eagle Eye Technology launched a series of AOI devices, including Long Sword I-750, Long Sword II-450 and Long Sword II-750s, and became a dark horse in the field of PCB special equipment. With unique detection logic and comprehensive optical design, Long Sword AOI can not only detect defects in the inner and outer plates, but also be compatible with dry and wet film detection. With the upgrading and iteration of PCB process, Eagle Eye Technology followed the industry demand and launched AOI for HDI (High Density Interconnector), AOI for FPC (FlexiblePrinted Circuit), AOI with large size and large table, special AOI for resin plug holes and other series of AOI. They have become the secret weapon of leading industry of PCB enterprises. Eagle Eye Technology aims to become a national brand in AOI field by building military quality with craftsmanship spirit.


3D vision solves the difficult problem of resin plug detection

With PCB’s developing to high density and ultra-high one, the blind and buried hole technology of HDI plates has been widely used. The resin plug hole is the blind and buried hole of the resin plug and it is one of the necessary processes for the production of HDI boards. Main defects of resin plug hole include leakage, bubble, depression and so on, which will lead to blasting plates, spurious joint and other bad results. There are tens of thousands of resin plug holes on a PCB board with the minimum hole diameter of less than 6mil (0.15mm). The bad quality of even a plug hole may lead to the the scrapping of the whole plate, which poses a great challenge to the detection of the resin plug hole.


The AOI equipment commonly used in the industry can only be used for 2D imaging detection, and the depth information of the resin plug can not be obtained. The detection effect is not ideal. After half a year, the R&D team of Eagle Eye Technology added 3D vision on the basis of original AOI technology. The special AOI for the resin plug was introduced, and the depth and defect information of the resin plug that could not be detected by conventional AOI were identified, which solved the industry problem. In the comparison test, the data of AOI used for the resin hole is not only superior to the artificial visual inspection, but also better than the similar imported equipment, which has been recognized by Zhuhai Zhendong and other major resin hole manufacturers. In the process of making resin plug holes, the AOI dedicated to the resin plug holes of Eagle Eye Technology has gradually become the industry standard.


National brands serve national industry

Statics of Prismark, an industry authority showed that China's PCB output value in 2017 was $29.732 billion, accounting for 50.52 % of the global PCB output value ($58.843 million). PCB industry has occupied business of half of China and become the pillar of national manufacturing industry. AOI series of Eagle Eye Technology inherit excellent military industry styles of dedication, preciseness and hard work of National University of Defence Technology. All details are made according to military quality and military thinking requirements so as to create excellent quality. Just like the pursuit of Long Sword AOI, which is “Developing craftsman spirit and building AOI national brand”, Eagle Eye Technology looks forward to cooperating with more PCB enterprises to add wisdom and improve quality for the smart factory. Eagle Eye Technology is willing to share the same breath and fate with PCB industries and to jointly promote the rise of Chinese manufacturing industry.

About Eagle Eye Technology


Eagle Eye Technology is a professional smart equipment manufacturer with artificial intelligence and machine vision as the core technology. Relying on resources of National University of Defense Technology, the company has a doctoral research team led by academicians and nearly 100 patented technologies, and has a strong research and development strength in the field of machine vision and artificial intelligence. The company is committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with one-stop machine vision solutions and related supporting facilities. Its products include smart visual manufacturing system, AOI (automatic optical inspection), and artificial intelligence visual software system for camera module, display panel, printed circuit board, semiconductor, biological recognition, vehicle detection, 3D measurement and other fields. Our main customers include Sunny Optical Technology (Group) Company Limited, Holitech Technology Co.,Ltd, BYD, Shennan Circuit, GOAL SEARCHERS CO.,LTD ZHUHAI(GSH), Tianma microelectronics. Our company has perfect sales and after-sales service networks as well as a specialized industry service department which can provide customers in different industries with a full range of intelligent machine vision application solutions. It can realize the seamless connection between smart machine vision technology and demands of various industries.


AOI Wealth Hotline of Eagle Eye Technology134-8069-5519 Cheng Sheng

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    As electronic assembly goes deeper into the hybrid technology of Printed Circuit Board (Printed Circuit Board) with higher density, smaller size and more complex, high-end PCB industry is widely adopted in the manufacturing process. AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) equipment is used to detect graph quality. AOI is mainly used to detect defects of PCB in various production processes, such as gaps, protruding copper, short circuit, circuit break, residual copper, pinhole, wire width and wire spacing, etc. AOI is an important means to guarantee the quality of PCB and find problems existing in the pre-process.                     01Eagle Eye Technology:AOI technical expertShenzhen ...
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